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Kyle Covers Spreads is your complete handicapping service for all major U.S. sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC & NCAA.

My team and I have come together to build a winning system for individuals looking to gain an edge with daily data driven sports picks. With years of experience in the world of professional sports handicapping, we offer outstanding value to clients who want to significantly grow their bankroll! 

Upon signing up for one of our packages you will receive the specified picks, along with one-on-one support and an expert bankroll system. This helps clients better manage their account, to ride their winners and limit their losses.

You won’t be disappointed!

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“Best Handicapper I’ve Found”

I’ve tried at least 50 other cappers I’ve found on Instagram and Twitter and Kyle is by far the most consistent, honest and transparent I’ve found. He always finds a way to win night in and night out.

@sh****** / Instagram

“His System Works”

I don’t know what kind of data he used to develop his system but it just flat out works. I always find myself in the green week after week. I’ll never go with any other handicapper, Kyle is my guy!

@cr***** / Instagram

“Second To None Service”

Kyle’s work is exceptional. I was skeptical to try his system at first, but I couldn’t be more glad I pulled the trigger. Kyle’s brought back a new excitement to watching sports; now I’m making money while enjoying my favorite teams!

@tr********* / Instagram

“Winners After Winners”

Since signing up with Kyle it’s been winning pick after winning pick. Every month when I check my P/L on my betting site I’m always up. From my experience so far I can say he rarely has on off night, and when he does you know the next day will make up for it! Don’t wait to grab his picks.

@ho***** / Instagram