Amazing Sports Betting Wins


We never recommend getting into sports betting for fast cash. The data-driven approach is best. You’ll slowly build your knowledge – and your bankroll. Eventually, you’ll get to the point that you can make large wagers. Some of the amazing sports betting wins we’re going to talk about were placed by professional bettors, and you’d better believe they carefully considered their bankroll before placing their bets.

Some of these bets, however, were fast money by people who know nothing about sports betting. We’re not going to look at those because we recommend making baseless bets, we’re going to look at them because it’s fun, and because it rarely ever hurts to dream.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some bettors who hit the jackpot:

William Adduci: The Golf Gambler

Back in the day, betting on Tiger Woods was more or less a sure thing. In 2019, on the other hand, the most famous golfer of all time was sitting at 14-to-1 odds to win the Masters.

William Adduci, having never placed a sports bet before in his life, wagered $85,000 on Tiger to win the Masters. Tiger did win the Masters, and Adduci got an incredible payout:

$1.19 million. 

Pretty incredible for someone who admits to knowing next to nothing about sports betting. 

Peter Edwards: The Gambling Grandpa

Good grandparents are incredible people. They know and love you from the day you’re born. They have confidence that you’ll succeed in life, and they’ll do whatever they can to help you grow and thrive.

But few grandparents have had the confidence in their grandchildren that Peter Edwards had. The man put his money where his mouth is.

He put a £50 bet on his grandson, Harry Wilson, playing for the Wales national football team. This bet was placed in the year 2000, when Harry Wilson was still a toddler.

And in the year 2013, history was made, as Harry Wilson became the youngest player in history to play for Wales – at age 16. The bet his grandfather made 13 years before paid out – and at odds of 2500-to-1, his grandpa made off with a cool £125,000.

Gerry McIlroy: The Proud Papa

Rory Mcllroy is a very good golfer. And much like Peter Edwards believed in his toddler grandson, Gerry Mcllroy, Rory’s father, believed in his son.

At age 15, it was already clear that Rory was going to be a good golfer. So his father – and three of his friends – bet $683 that he was going to win the British Open before the age of 26.

At age 25, 10 years later, Rory Mcllroy did indeed win the British Open. The payout for his father’s bet? 500 to 1 – him and his friends netted $342,000 – split four ways, of course. 

It pays off to have confidence in your kids. 

Steve Whiteley: The Horse Whisperer

Imagine this – you get free tickets to the horse races with friends. You hop on a bus, arrive at the track, then place a £2 bet. That bet is on 6 horses – and 6 races.

You watch the races, and all 6 of the horses you pick win their races. How much do you walk out of the stadium with?


That’s exactly what happened to Steve Whiteley, who describes himself as enjoying horse racing, but not knowing anything about it. He chose the horses he bet on almost randomly. 

In some ways, what Whiteley did was more akin to picking numbers for a lottery ticket than it is like horse betting. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most spectacular sports betting wins in history.

Fred Craggs: The Parlay Patrician

Here’s another massive win – and it’s a lot like Steve Whiteley’s, but for a quarter of the price. 

Fred Craggs made an even more outlandish bet – an eight horse accumulator bet for his 60th birthday. He took horses with long odds, and bet a whopping £0.50 on the accumulator. All of the horses he bet on placed, and he walked away with a £1 million payoff. Not a bad 60th birthday present, by any means!

Floyd Mayweather: The Man Known as Money

With a nickname like “Money”, you know Floyd has placed some interesting bets. We can’t blame him, either – the man gets paid. 

And he gets paid both as one of the greatest boxers of all time and as a sports betting aficionado.

In 2013, Mayweather placed a huge $5.9 million dollar bet on the Heat beating the Pacers. And he won. We’re not sure exactly how much that bet paid out, but some estimates place it at around $6.49 million. That’s pretty spectacular – even for someone as known for spectacle as Floyd!

Vegas Dave: The Royal Bettor

Vegas Dave is well-known in professional sports betting circles. Whether he’s famous or infamous – well, that’s not the topic at hand here.

We’re talking about huge bets that pay off, and Vegas Dave can’t be ignored in that category. He bet $100,000 on the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series. He placed this bet fairly early in the season, and the odds that the Royals would win were 30 to 1.

The Royals did win the World Series that year (2015) – the first time they’d done so in 30 years. So Vegas Dave won, too – an incredible $2.5 million dollars. 

Will you be the next big winner?

Truth be told – it’s incredibly unlikely. We really do recommend being careful about how you bet, and unless you’re a professional bettor or you have some incredibly gifted offspring, you probably won’t wind up making hundreds of thousands or millions of a single bet.

But that’s okay! You can make money, slowly but surely, all while building up your bankroll. And our sports handicapping service can help – take a look at our picks!