Best Sites For Sports Betting

where to bet online

There’s a recurring theme, more or less, through every article on our resource page: before you make your bet, it’s important to find the bookmaker who will give you the best odds. In this day and age, that almost always means finding the right website.

In light of this, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of Kyle’s favorite websites for American and Canadians bettors – so that’s what we’re doing! We’re going to offer 3 websites we like for Americans, and another 3 we like for Canadians, with a brief overview of each.

How to pay and get paid

A quick note: when placing online bets, Bitcoin is almost always the best way of going about things. Check out their Getting Started guide if you don’t know much about cryptocurrency.

The reason Bitcoin is so heavily favored is that most sites won’t charge you transaction fees for using it. Credit cards, on the other hand, are often subject to transaction fees, and most sites won’t pay out onto your credit card – and they’ll charge if you want them to send you a cheque.

Canadian readers who want to bet on American sites should be especially careful, as foreign exchange fees can be quite high. Betting with Bitcoin solves that problem – you can also look for sites with no fee e-Transfers as a deposit option. 

American betting sites

The three sites we’re going to talk about have all been in the industry for decades. Longevity and trustworthiness are two of the factors Kyle considers most important when it comes to recommending sites. Even Bovada has been around for almost two decades – though it had a stint under the name Bodog.


Bovada has a number of good things going for it. It’s, by far, the most polished and user-friendly of the betting sites available – their mobile software is fantastic! They also offer a slew of different prop bets, and a 75% matched deposit bonus (up to $750) if you make your first deposit using Bitcoin. Better still, the rollover requirements for that bonus are pretty low compared to other betting sites.

The biggest problem with Bovada is that they have relatively low max betting limits – though high rollers can call customer service to try to up their limits. They market themselves to recreational bettors, and if you’re a sharp who keeps playing them, they may actually cut your limits even further. They do, however, offer great odds on a variety of different lines.

A note for Canadians: You can’t use Bovada. Check out the options in the Canadian section – Bodog is the Canadian equivalent.


Heritage is the place to go if you’re looking for a lot of data, reduced juice, and live betting. They offer their opening and closing lines, so you can watch line movements and increase your repertoire of data. They also have a customer loyalty program – offering reduced juice of -108 on sides and totals. Everyone who has read through our tactics guides knows how important reduced juice is to being profitable. And when it comes to live betting, Heritage is second to none – they offer lines you can’t find anywhere else in the US.

Like Bovada, however, Heritage has some pretty restrictive limits. “Restrictive”, of course, is a relative term, and most recreational bettors will find limits like $3000 per side on NFL games more than high enough. High rollers can, again, call customer service to see if they can up their limits.


We know that some of you are high rollers, though, and that’s where BookMaker comes in. They allow, by far, the largest bets out of any American sports betting site – you can bet tens of thousands on a single line. No one else offers limits that are even close.

Of course, to offer such high limits, BookMaker can’t be losing cash hand over fist. This is not the place to look for reduced juice or a substantial edge – they cater to high rollers, and that means they’re the sharpest market you’ll find online. Recreational bettors should stay away – this one’s for the pros.

Canadian betting sites

While Canadians can make bets on Heritage or BookMaker (especially using crypto), they also have some other pretty excellent options they can access that Americans might not be able to. 


Bet365 is a great place for Canadians to place wagers. They have an incredible mobile app, a veritable smorgasbord of odds to choose from (ever wanted to bet on trotting?), and a sterling reputation. They’ve also got some fantastic live betting options, and a decent sign-up bonus (though, as with any sign-up bonus, it pays to read the fine print).

The biggest disadvantage to Bet365 is one we’ve seen with every bookmaker except for, well, BookMaker – professionals who keep winning might have their limits lowered or their accounts otherwise restricted.


Bodog is the Canadian equivalent to Bovada – they’re owned by the same company – so you can expect the same great customer service, user-friendly mobile app, and selection of prop bets. They also accept e-Transfer, a boon to any Canadian bettor. They offer a similar Bitcoin bonus – it’s 100%, but the maximum is $300. The rollover to access the bonus is the same, though – much lower than most betting sites.

As you can probably guess, Bodog is also designed for recreational bettors, so they have low betting maximums and might restrict the accounts of professionals who just keep winning.


Want to access your sign-up bonuses right away? PowerPlay is the place to go. You’ll need to place two bets of $50 dollars at odds +200 or greater – this could be a good place to parlay – and you’ll be rewarded with two $50 free bets within a couple of days. No rollovers are rare and wonderful things in the world of sports betting bonuses, so if you plan on parlaying anyway, it’s a great place to start.

There are all kinds of other bonuses offered by PowerPlay, and a wide variety of deposit options, including e-Transfer. The biggest downside is that they have limited betting options compared to some other sites, and their odds can be below average.

You’re not restricted to one site

The sharp play is to never place all of your bets on one site only. Get a spreadsheet going, calculate what bonuses you can get, how those bonuses can be used, and when they’ll be paid out. Look at the lines available on each site. Look for arbitrage opportunities (carefully – you don’t want to get your account restricted). And, of course, sign up for our Premium Picks so you can always put your money on the right side of the line.