Historical Super Bowl Odds

Football odds

Sports betting is all about data, and there are few sports betting events that get more action than the Super Bowl. To help you improve your dataset, we’ve compiled relevant information about historical Super Bowl odds.

We’re focused on the three main ways you can bet – the moneyline (who will win straight up), the point spread, and over/under.

There are 6 columns. The first three are self explanatory. The fourth contains the spread – the favorite is always listed. Beside the spread, you’ll find the total for over/under betting in parentheses. Note that Super Bowl 1 did not have over/under betting, which is why there is no data for over/under in that row.

The 5th column is the most complex. We tell you who beat the spread, then in parentheses, whether the game’s point total went over or under the projected total. Finally, in square brackets, we tell you if the team who won against the spread was also the straight up winner.

The last column tells you whether or not the favorite or the underdog won against the spread. We also tell you which conference beat the spread in brackets. 

The Super Bowl odds table

Super BowlMatchupGame Winner Spread (Total for O/U)ATS Winner (O/U) [SU=ATS?]Favorite/Underdog ATS (AFC/NFC)
1Kansas City vs Green BayGreen Bay 35-10Green Bay -14 (N/A)Green Bay (N/A) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
2Green Bay vs OaklandGreen Bay 33-14Green Bay -13.5 (43)Green Bay (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
3Baltimore vs NY JetsNY Jets 16-7 Baltimore -18 (40)NY Jets (Under) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
4Minnesota vs Kansas CityKansas City 23-7Minnesota -12 (39)Kansas City (Under) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
5Baltimore (Colts) vs DallasBaltimore 16-13Baltimore -2.5 (36)Baltimore (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
6Dallas vs MiamiDallas 24-6Dallas -6 (34)Dallas (Under) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
7Miami vs WashingtonMiami 14-7Miami -1 (33)Miami (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
8Minnesota vs MiamiMiami 24-7Miami -6.5 (33)Miami (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
9Pittsburgh vs MinnesotaPittsburgh 16-6Pittsburgh -3 (33)Pittsburgh (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
10Dallas vs PittsburghPittsburgh 21-17Pittsburgh – 7(36)Dallas (Over) [N]Underdog (NFC)
11Oakland vs MinnesotaOakland 34-14Oakland -4 (38)Oakland (Over) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
12Dallas vs DenverDallas 27-10Dallas -6 (39)Dallas (Under) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
13Pittsburgh vs DallasPittsburgh 35-31Pittsburgh -3.5 (37)Pittsburgh (Over) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
14Los Angeles vs PittsburghPittsburgh 31-19Pittsburgh -10.5 (36)Pittsburgh (Over) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
15Oakland vs PhiladelphiaOakland 27-10Philadelphia -3 (37.5)Oakland (Under) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
16San Francisco vs CincinnatiSan Francisco 26-21San Francisco -1 (48)San Francisco (Under) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
17Miami vs WashingtonWashington 27-17Miami -3 (36.5)Washington (Over) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
18Washington vs Los Angeles (Raiders)Los Angeles 38-9Washington -3 (48)Los Angeles (Under) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
19Miami vs San FranciscoSan Francisco 38-16San Francisco -3.5 (53.5)San Francisco (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
20Chicago vs New EnglandChicago 46-10Chicago -10 (37.5)Chicago (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
21Denver vs NY GiantsNew York 39-20New York -9.5 (40)New York (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
22Washington vs DenverWashington 42-10Denver -3 (47)Washington (Over) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
23Cincinnati vs San FranciscoSan Francisco 20-16San Francisco -7 (48)Cincinnati (Under) [N]Underdog (AFC)
24San Francisco vs DenverSan Francisco 55-10San Francisco -12 (48)San Francisco (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
25Buffalo vs NY GiantsNew York 20-19Buffalo -7 (40.5)New York (Under) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
26Washington vs BuffaloWashington 37-24Washington -7 (49)Washington (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
27Buffalo vs DallasDallas 52-17Dallas -6.5 (44.5)Dallas (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
28Buffalo vs DallasDallas 30-13Dallas -10.5 (50.5)Dallas (Under) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
29San Diego (Chargers) vs San FranciscoSan Francisco 49-26San Francisco -18.5 (53.5)San Francisco (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
30Dallas vs PittsburghDallas 27-17Dallas -13.5 (51)Pittsburgh (Under) [N]Underdog (AFC)
31New England vs Green BayGreen Bay 35-21Green Bay -14 (49)PUSH (Over) [N/A]PUSH
32Green Bay vs DenverDenver 31-24Green Bay -11 (49)Denver (Over) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
33Denver vs AtlantaDenver 34-19Denver -7.5 (52.5)Denver (Over) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
34St. Louis vs TennesseeSt. Louis 23-16St. Louis -7 (45)PUSH (Under) [N/A]PUSH
35Baltimore vs NY GiantsBaltimore 34-7Baltimore (-3)Baltimore (Over) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
36St. Louis vs New EnglandNew England 20-17St. Louis -14 (53)New England (Under) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
37Oakland vs Tampa BayTampa Bay 48-21Oakland -4 (44)Tampa Bay (Over) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
38New England vs CarolinaNew England 32-29New England -7 (37.5)Carolina (Over) [N]Underdog (NFC)
39New England vs PhiladelphiaNew England 24-21New England -7 (46.5)Philadelphia (Under) [N]Underdog (NFC)
40Seattle vs PittsburghPittsburgh 21-10Pittsburgh -4 (47)Pittsburgh (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
41Indianapolis vs ChicagoIndianapolis 29-17Indianapolis -7 (47)Indianapolis (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
42NY Giants vs New EnglandNew York 17-14New England -12 (55)New York (Under) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
43Pittsburgh vs ArizonaPittsburgh 27-23Pittsburgh -7 (46)Arizona (Over) [N]Underdog (NFC)
44New Orleans vs IndianapolisNew Orleans 31-17Indianapolis -5 (57)New Orleans (Under) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
45Pittsburgh vs Green BayGreen Bay 31-25Green Bay -3 (45)Green Bay (Over) [Y]Favorite (NFC)
46NY Giants vs New EnglandNew York 21-17New England -2.5 (53)New York (Under) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
47Baltimore vs San FranciscoBaltimore 34-31San Francisco -4.5 (48)Baltimore (Over) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
48Seattle vs DenverSeattle 43-8Denver -2 (47.5)Seattle (Over) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
49New England vs SeattleNew England 28-24Seattle -1 (47.5)New England (Over) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
50Carolina vs DenverDenver 24-10Carolina -4.5 (43)Denver (Under) [Y]Underdog (AFC)
51New England vs AtlantaNew England 34-28New England -3 (57.5)New England (Over) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
52Philadelphia vs New EnglandPhiladelphia 41-33New England -4.5 (49)Philadelphia (Over) [Y]Underdog (NFC)
53New England vs St. LouisNew England 13-3New England -2.5 (55.5)New England (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
54San Francisco vs Kansas CityKansas City 31-21Kansas City -1.5 (53.5)Kansas City (Under) [Y]Favorite (AFC)
55Kansas City vs Tampa BayTampa Bay 31-9Kansas City -3 (56.5)Tampa Bay (Under) [Y]Underdog (NFC)

What can we learn from historical Super Bowl data?

Betting ATS/SU

Let’s start with one of the more interesting pieces of data we have available – whether or not the straight up winner was also the winner against the spread. There were only 6 Super Bowls in which the straight up winner did not win against the spread. That means 49/55 times, if you placed the correct bet ATS, it would also be the correct bet SU.

The underdog won ATS 25 times, while the favorite won ATS 28 times – there has only been a push in spread betting two times in Super Bowl history. Sportsbooks have done a good job of keeping things even, with the favorite only slightly edging out the underdog ATS. 

19 out of the 25 times the underdog won ATS, they also won SU. That’s 76% of the time. 

You don’t want to infer too much from such a small dataset. In the world of sports betting, 55 games is an incredibly small number – think about how many games are played each year. Nonetheless, as the record sits so far, if you believe the underdog is going to win ATS, it may also be a good idea to bet on them SU. Moneyline bets on the underdog often carry higher than average payouts.

Totals betting

Want to bet over/under on the Super Bowl? If you think you’ve got an edge, you may have some pretty decent odds.

Sportsbooks have balanced O/U betting to an even finer degree than they have ATS betting. In fact, of the 54 times totals betting has been offered, there’s been an even split in which choice wins: 27 under, and 27 over. 

Those books are so well balanced it’s mind boggling. Nonetheless, you’ll see a decent number of games where the score goes way over or under the total. If you’ve got a good read on the matchup and you think you can find an edge, take it. At worst, the stats seem to indicate it’s close to a coin flip, so even if you don’t have the edge you think you do, you still have a 50/50 shot at winning.

Get more data for sports betting

As we mentioned earlier, 55 games really isn’t enough data to understand who is likely to win the Super Bowl – as it stands with the data we’ve presented here, it’s more or less a toss-up. This is true whether you look at AFC/NFC, or you look at favorites vs. underdogs. 
That’s why you need a lot more data if you want to place a successful bet on the Super Bowl. We can help with NFL bets for today for the Super Bowl or for any other games because we have swaths of data on successful bets for every single team in the NFL. Check out our picks – you won’t regret it.