How Much Are Super Bowl Rings Worth?

Superbowl ring

Let’s kick things off with a philosophical tangent. How do we determine how much something is worth? Is the first Super Bowl ring worth more than the second? Does Tom Brady have so many Super Bowl rings that he’s just throwing the things in a ring bowl in his house, next to where he puts his house keys?

We can’t possibly assess the emotional value that a Super Bowl ring has to a player. What we can do, however, is try to figure out how much financial value a Super Bowl ring might carry.

After all, these things aren’t just incredibly valuable pieces of jewelry – they’re also incredibly valuable pieces of sports memorabilia. And Super Bowl rings have been bought and sold in the past, so there is some market precedent.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at how Super Bowl rings are made, in an effort to better understand the value of the materials and expertise used to create the rings.

How are Super Bowl rings made?

The ring set created for the Super Bowl is different every time. The NFL contributes $5,000 per ring – up to 150 rings. The Super Bowl winning team is on the hook for the rest of the costs. And while the teams don’t publicize how much it costs them to make the rings, we can get a pretty good idea.

Let’s take a look at the most recent Super Bowl winners – the Tampa Bay Bucs, in Super Bowl LV. The ring features high-quality gold and diamonds. To be more specific, it’s made of 14-carat yellow and white gold. There are 15 carats of white diamonds on each ring. The top of the ring features 319 diamonds – to represent the 31-9 final score of the game.

There’s something even more special about the Super Bowl LV ring – it opens up to reveal a replica of the Raymond James stadium, with the Bucs being the first team to win the big game in their home stadium. 

Most Super Bowl rings share some common features. They’re made of gold and diamonds. They feature the team logo – and often precious gems that match the team’s colors. They’ll also feature the team’s name, and the words “World Champions”. All rings must have the Super Bowl logo – and most will feature, in some way, the game score, the team’s record for the season, and other information about the team’s record.

These rings are made and distributed over the course of several months. The designers work closely with the teams to ensure that the rings are a fitting prize for the championship team. 

Interesting facts 

Before we get into the cost (and value) of Super Bowl rings, we thought it would be fun to go over a bit of ring trivia. It can help you understand the value of these rings – who makes them, who wears them, and more.

  • Most Super Bowl rings were designed and created by Jostens – yes, the same company that did your high school rings. They’ve done 34 of the last 55 rings.
  • The largest ring ever created was for Super Bowl XX – William “The Refrigerator” Perry of the Chicago Bears got a size 25 ring.
  • The Super Bowl LV rings were designed by Jason of Beverly Hills.
  • The rings for Super Bowl LI were designed with 283 diamonds – to represent the 28-3 lead that the Falcons had before the Pats rallied to win the game. Cheeky.

Now that you’ve got some fun facts, let’s get to the meat and potatoes – how much are these rings actually worth?

How much do Super Bowl rings cost?

Super Bowl rings can cost a lot to make. According to one estimate, the rings from Super Bowl LV may have cost $35,000 each to make. That’s not exactly chump change. 

Of course, the cost of the ring will vary significantly depending on how it was designed, and the materials that were used to craft it. But here’s another interesting question: how much do the rings cost on the secondary market?

There’s no simple answer to that question. They’re collectible items, and what sports collectors will pay for them varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Timing. Is it the offseason, or are games being played?
  • Popularity. Are the rings from a popular team? Was the Super Bowl that the rings are from an interesting/popular/notable one?
  • The player. Is it the ring of the MVP? Is it the ring of a backbencher?
  • The purchaser. Are they an avid collector of Super Bowl memorabilia who needs that one last piece to finish their collection?

These and other factors, including broad economic factors, can change the value of a ring significantly. In general, Super Bowl rings go for somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 on the secondary market. That price is usually accounting for the actual physical value of the ring’s materials and craftsmanship, plus the collectible value of sports memorabilia

There are definitely exceptions to that figure, however. Take, for example, Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring, which sold on the secondary market for $230,401. Now imagine if Tom Brady were to sell one of his rings – who knows how much it would fetch? 


Super Bowl rings are immaculately crafted. They’re full of diamonds, gold, and other precious gems. That alone sets them at an incredibly high value.

Then, there’s the collectability of the rings. People love memorabilia, and there may be no more prized piece of memorabilia in all of football than a Super Bowl ring.

With those two factors combined, and action on the secondary market, we know that Super Bowl rings are worth tens of thousands of dollars, and that particularly collectible rings can fetch more than 6 figures.

Now that you know how much the rings are worth, go forth and win yourself a Super Bowl! And if you can’t do that, consider buying a Super Bowl ring. And if that’s out of your price range – well, maybe get yourself an inexpensive replica ring, or a Ring Pop, and just enjoy watching the Super Bowl. And if you even want to place a bet, but you need some advice on where to put your money – well, our NFL picks are always here for you.