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As another season of NHL hockey takes off, fans are eagerly waiting to see how their teams will fare in 2021. Will they make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs, or will they come up short?

Only one thing is certain: no other year will be like the 2021 NHL season. We’ve put together this guide to tell you more about the changes you’ll see this year and how you can bet on games effectively using professional NHL picks:

NHL 2021 Schedule – What’s New in the NHL for 2021?

Each year, you notice a few changes to your favorite teams; they might trade a player, shift the power play lines, or alter their jerseys. This season, you’ll see a few changes that you may not have expected.

The biggest difference that NHL hockey fans will notice this year is the reduced number of games. Fans are used to watching 82 regular season games—this year, there will only be 56 games. This means you have fewer opportunities to place a bet, so you’ve got to make it count! Use our expert picks to make sure your money is on the winning side.

In previous years, the NHL season began during the month of October. But in 2021, the season didn’t start until January 13th.

The NHL has stated that they plan to host the last game of the Stanley Cup finals on July 9th, 2021. However, this date is tentative. COVID-19 will likely cause disruptions to the schedule, resulting in delays.

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Looking for Different NHL Predictions Tonight?

If you’re a fan of NHL hockey and sports betting, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the different ways that you can place a bet.

For example, you can place a player props bet. This is an exciting way to wager on one isolated event in a game rather than the outcome. You can bet on whether one player will score the first goal of the game or have an assist.

With any type of bet that you place, from a parlay to a moneyline bet, refer to the expert picks chosen by the team at Kyle Covers.

NHL Picks Against the Spread

Point spreads are a popular and exciting way to earn money from sports betting. Also known as ATS, picks against the spread are when you bet on the underdog in a point bet.

Choosing the favorite is betting with the spread—if you wager on the underdog, you’re betting against the spread. Point spreads are unique in that they’re not a wager on the outcome of the game. Instead, they describe how many points one team will win or lose by. The moneyline odds will be the same for either side, so you’ll win the same amount whether you bet with or against the spread.

One power play can throw off the balance of an entire game. You never know when picks against the spread will pay off big time. Either way, consider using the expert picks at Kyle Covers to increase your win rate.

NHL Predictions for Today’s Games

There are so many factors that affect the outcome of a game, from fatigued players to a weak power play line. Sports books will set moneyline odds to indicate which team is favored to win, but they aren’t always correct. No matter what kind of bet you decide to make, refer to expert picks to improve your odds of winning. NHL picks from a professional analyst can help you predict the outcome of a game.

NHL Over/Under Picks

A total bet can be particularly close in the NHL. When you wager on a high-scoring sport (like football or basketball), there’s a little more “wiggle room” with your over/under bet. But NHL games have an average of 6.1 goals per game. In a total bet, you bet on whether the combined scores of both teams will be over or under a given number. So, you might see a number like 5 or 6 for a standard over/under bet; you have to wager on whether more or fewer goals will be scored by both teams. You’ll often see a half-point (like 5.5) to avoid a push. When the stakes are high and the numbers are close, using expert picks can make the difference between losing it all and winning big.

When Do the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Start in 2021?

The NHL anticipates that the first playoff game will be on May 11th. However, this may not be accurate—the virus could delay regular season games and cause a later start date. Expect a few disruptions due to COVID-19 exposures that might push back the playoffs.

2021 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule Changes

In a regular season of hockey, the top 3 teams in each division automatically get spots in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Since there are a total of 16 teams in the playoffs, that leaves 4 remaining spots. These go to “wild card” teams. Each conference can send 2 additional teams to the playoffs. These will be the two teams that have the best scores in their conference among those who did not get into the top 3 automatic spots.

Got it? Good. Now forget everything we just told you. In 2021, there will be no wildcard teams! Instead, each division will send its top 4 teams to the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. The #1 team will face the #4 team, and #2 will face #3.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions 2021

In the NHL, playoff predictions can be contentious. It’s hard to separate what you want to happen from what you expect to happen. That’s where the advantage of using a sports handicapper comes into play—you can refer to expert picks and trust that all the research, analysis, and data-crunching has already been done.

Regular Season NHL Schedule Changes in 2021

To reduce travel time, divisions have been rearranged slightly. For example, the North Division features exclusively Canadian teams to avoid traveling across the U.S. border. Another important change is that teams will only play other teams in their division, not their conference. This is to reduce contact and, again, travel.

Divisions look a little different this year. Even though the 2021 NHL season won’t be business as usual, it’s still designed to ensure that the two best teams will face off in the final playoff games.

How Do I Get NHL Picks for Today?

Despite all these changes, fans are excited to watch another season of their favorite NHL game. Everyone is hoping that by next year, things will look a little more normal. We’ve got that to look forward to, along with the debut of the Seattle Kraken!

Why not make the most of this season by using a sports handicapper? Kyle Covers provides expert NHL picks curated by professional sports analysts. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game while our team puts together the best NHL picks for your next bet.

More Than Just NHL Picks

If you’re looking for expert sports picks that are curated by professionals, then you’re in the right place. At Kyle Covers, our analysts do more than NHL picks; we also offer packages for:

You’ll find expert picks for any bet you choose to place, whether it’s against the spread or on the moneyline.