Number One Sports Handicapping Service Anticipating Significant Growth As Last Few States Legalize Betting

legal sports betting

NASHVILLE, TN: Kyle Covers Spreads, the leading sports handicapping service in the United States, is delighted to announce that they are expecting to exceed all turnover targets in 2021, as the final few states complete the process of legalizing betting.

Betting legislation changed forever in 2018 after a New Jersey Supreme Court victory which found that any state that wishes to can legalize sports betting. As more and more states open up for sports betting, Kyle Covers Spreads is already noticing an increase in demand from across the United States.

“This is an exciting time to be in the sports betting industry; in fact, the court decision in 2018 could be one of the most significant developments in sports betting history,” said Kyle of Kyle Covers Spreads. “Kyle Covers Spreads have already anticipated this increase and have significantly invested in their technology and architecture to cope with the increased demand. We are very excited about the potential for the future and are looking forward to significant growth in 2021 and in the future.”

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