Weirdest Prop Bets Of All Time

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On any given day, you can make some weird prop bets. Want to put money on how long it will take for the national anthem to be sung? You can do that. Want to bet on the results of the coin flip? You can do that,too.

Today, we’re going to go a bit deeper. We’re going to look at some of the weirdest prop bets of all time. Some of these bets you can even make today! 

We’ll take a look at all kinds of different prop bets – though we’ll try to keep at least one or two of them sports-related. Let’s get weird.

A strange bet you can make right now

Assuming you’re in the appropriate region, PaddyPower offers some of the weirdest bets out there. As of the writing of this article, one of the weirdest bets they have available is this one:

Now, this is a sports betting site. Our expertise is not in world politics, so we’re not going to recommend you take this bet – or that you don’t take this bet. Maybe do some research on a site like FiveThirtyEight first? They know about sports, global politics, and statistics, so they could be a good resource for such a bizarre prop bet.

This is, to us, much stranger than prop bets on who will be the next President or Pope. A Korean reunification would change global politics forever in a much more substantial way – maybe? 

What a bizarre bet.

A bet that’s shaken, not stirred

Another prop bet you can make right now – who will be the next 007? We’re thinking that your actual odds on getting this right are lower than .007, but maybe you’ve got some insider knowledge.

Fun fact – they misspelled Regé-Jean Page’s name for this particular bet. What happens if you take the odds on this dubious “Rene Jean Page” character, and Regé-Jean gets the role? 

We think you’d need access to top secret MI6 files to get the answer.

Free Britney – free money?

We’re kidding, of course – there’s no such thing as free money, especially in the world of prop bets.

But here’s a bizarre one you can bet on right now on Bodog – will Britney Spears’ conservatorship end before July 1st, 2022?

Now those of us who monitor prop bets have seen all kinds of strange bets on celebrities – betting on who is going to win Love Island, for example, is extremely popular. But Britney’s conservatorship is a particularly spicy prop bet.

There has been speculation that the conservatorship was abusive for years – fans have been finding what they see as cryptic messages in Britney’s Instagram posts. The “Free Britney” movement has been around for years – and now there are signs that the fandom was right.

Again, we’re a sports blog, so we’re not going to tell you whether or not to take this bet. It is certainly a bizarre one – who knew, back in the early-to-mid 2000s, that the narrative around Britney would get to this point in 2021.

Betting on billionaires

Jeff Bezos will never be the first billionaire in space – but to space he will go! And while the rest of us can’t join him, we can get a small piece of the action.

One of the more bizarre pieces of spaceflight-related action we’ve seen? This bet offered by Bodog:

Is this a prop bet, or part of the plot to the sequel of Wild, Wild West? The answer remains unclear. 

The landing site is near the border of Mexico, so if it goes off its trajectory by a few miles, Mexican authorities might, hypothetically, have legal recourse to seize Jeff Bezos’ capsule. The odds of that happening, according to Bodog, are higher than we ever would have thought.

The weirdest Super Bowl prop bet of all time – sort of

Sam Greenspan at found this one – and it’s absolutely bizarre. 

What will be larger: Kim Kardashian’s total measurements (36-24-39) or Reggie Bush’s yardage total?

Kim Kardashian’s 36-24-39 (-38.5) – -115

Reggie Bush’s yards (+38.5) – -115

There is so much weirdness going on in this bet – let’s break it down. First, we have to total up Kim Kardashian’s measurements: 99. 

Things get weirder when you realize that this is a spread bet. In other words, Kim Kardashian’s measurements don’t just need to beat Reggie Bush’s yards – they need to beat the spread of 38.5. 

That means for a bet on Kim to win, Reggie needed to run under 60.5 yards. For a bet on Reggie to win, he needed to run over 60.5 yards.

In other words, this bet isn’t actually that weird at all – it’s just very strangely phrased. The actual bet is:

Will Reggie Bush’s yardage total exceed 60.5? 

That’s a far less exotic bet than it seemed at first glance! 

Props to you for reading about these weird bets

Prop bets are fun at the best of times, and as you’ve now seen, they can get truly bizarre. Are all prop bets this weird? Absolutely not – and you can read our “What is a prop bet?” guide to learn about prop bets that you can get a pretty decent edge on.

Though, maybe you can get a pretty good edge on the above prop bets! Maybe you’ve got some insider knowledge about who the next James Bond will be – but tread cautiously if you do. Sportsbooks don’t take kindly to using insider knowledge to win prop bets.

Until next time – stay weird.