What Is A Grand Salami Bet?

what is a grand salami bet

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for the tastiest betting opportunities – and what could be more tasty than a bet called the Grand Salami?

This is a bet that you can really sink your teeth into because it requires intimate knowledge of every single game being played in a night. The Grand Salami, you see, is a style of Over/Under bet – but it’s a wager on the combined point total of every game being played in a night.

If that sounds like the most sensual of the salted cured meats to you, stick with us – we’re going to take a big bite out of the Grand Salami so you’ll know exactly how and when to bet it.

A quick note before we begin: we’re assuming you know how Over/Under betting and odds work. If you don’t, check out our guide to how sports betting works – we’ll be here when you get back. 

How do Grand Salami bets work?

Before we start talking strategy, we first need to see how the not-so-proverbial salami gets made. Grand Salami bets are pretty unique in the sports betting world because they’re a single bet on multiple games. Unlike something like a parlay, however, you’ll usually get about even odds. Let’s take a look at why.

The Over/Under, but not quite

Grand Salami bets are Over/Under bets – but the total that you’re betting against is the total for all the games being played in a given league that night. For example, if you’re betting the Grand Salami in hockey, the total you’re betting on will be the sum of all points scored in NHL games that night.

To illustrate what we’re talking about, an example will be helpful – you’ve got to see the salami before you get a taste.

The NHL Grand Salami for January 22nd

First, let’s take a look at the O/U for all of the NHL games being played on January 22nd:

TeamsO/U total
Buffalo @ Washington5.5
NY Rangers @ Pittsburgh6.5
Edmonton @ Toronto6
Detroit @ Chicago5.5
San Jose @ Minnesota6
Nashville @ Dallas5.5
Vegas @ Arizona5.5
Colorado @ Anaheim5.5

Our next step should be simple enough – the Grand Salami is an Over/Under bet on all points scored in a night for a given league, so we’re betting on the point total of all eight of the above games combined. That makes sense – there’s a lot of different meat and spice that goes into salami.

At this point, you might be thinking that determining the Grand Salami total is simple: just add up all the O/U totals for the games being played on a night, and you’ve got your salami. In our example, the totals add up to 46. 

When we check the actual Grand Salami total for the night, however, we find that it’s 47.5 – 1.5 higher than what we’d expected.

We’ll touch on why this is in the strategy section, but this is just to show that the Grand Salami is not just the sum of all the O/U totals of every game being played in a night. 

A hockey and baseball exclusive

The Grand Salami is only available at select delis – meaning that you can really only bet the Grand Salami on NHL and MLB games. You’ll very rarely see it available in other sports, and it happens so infrequently it’s not worth talking about during a general overview.

An easy bet to push

Grand Salamis may win the award for “most likely to push”. If even a single game is postponed, your Grand Salami wager is pushed. That means if you’re betting MLB and the forecast looks grim, it might not be worth your time to bet the Grand Salami – you’ll probably just push. Then again, there’s no real downside to pushing, so you might go for it anyway!

When should you bet the Grand Salami?

Now that you know what goes into the Salami, we can take a look at the most exciting part of any type of bet – strategy. Grand Salamis are really interesting because, unlike most multi game bets, you’re getting very decent odds, and you can make your edges add up to something pretty profitable. Let’s get a taste of some of the things you should be thinking about.

Grand Salami odds

Grand Salami odds are incredibly similar to the O/U odds on a single game: you’ll see a lot of lines at -105 to -115. That’s because, unlike a parlay bet, the games aren’t totally independent of one another. In the above example, if you bet the Over on the Grand Salami, you can still win if the San Jose @ Minnesota game ends with a total of 5, as long as your other games all hit the Over. You could even win if 2 or 3 games go under the total, as long as some of the other games go over the total by 2 or more points.

As in all sports betting, you should shop around for the best odds – if you plan on betting the Over, and two bookmakers have the same Grand Salami total but one has better odds for the Over, go with that bookie.

Finding your edge

Imagine a world where you’re betting the Over on every game in the January 22nd example we listed. Assuming you’re right on all counts, the total scored would be 50 – well over the Grand Salami 47.5 total. In this circumstance, you’d do well to also bet the Grand Salami – even if you were to push on a couple single game bets, you’d still be over the Grand Salami total.

This gives us a bit of insight into why the Grand Salami total often differs from the sum of all Over/Under totals. There’s a lot more variance when you’re trying to predict the point total of all games combined – if you’re off by a point or two on a single game, it can mess up the whole calculation. 

That means that Grand Salami totals are, in a sense, less likely to be accurate than single game Over/Under totals. A consequence of this is that you might be able to find a greater edge – but that variance can work against you, too.

Factors you should consider in hockey

When betting the Grand Salami in the NHL, the factors you should consider are basically the same ones you’d consider when betting on a single game Over/Under, but amplified. How many teams are starting with their backup goalies? How many teams are playing their second game in a row? Who’s injured? What are the matchups? 

In the same way that betting the Grand Salami involves betting on the total of all games, whether or not you should place your bet depends on the sum of all of these disparate factors. If every team is starting with their backup goalie and the best blueliners on every team are injured, betting the Over on the Grand Salami is almost certainly a good idea. A bunch of defense-oriented teams playing each other with no injuries and starting goalies, all fresh from a break? The Under is probably the way to go.

Factors you should consider in baseball

In MLB betting, there’s a bit more one-on-one action than in hockey – we’re talking pitchers vs. hitters. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to pull up stats on any given matchup, and you can add up this information to better predict how many points will be scored in all the games.

Another very important factor to consider is the weather – a sunny day with the wind blowing the right way at Wrigley could mean a lot of points being scored. Conversely, if there’s bad weather and there’s a doubleheader on a night where multiple teams are about to board a plane after a multi-game stretch, you’re probably going to want to bet the Under.

Kyle slices the Salami

Now, figuring out whether or not you should bet on the Grand Salami takes a lot of game knowledge and math – when you’ve got the skills, though, a Grand Salami bet can be a great place to find an edge. 
Our delicatessen is always serving up expert sports picks that have been carefully selected – only the choicest cuts, here. That means if Kyle says you should bet on a Grand Salami, it’s a good idea – every matchup has been carefully analyzed, and every edge has been considered, before that recommendation is made.